HC SemiTek LED flip chip won the "China's first LED Award"

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          April 14 , jointly organized by China Illuminating Engineering Society of Professional Committee of semiconductor lighting technology and applications , " China 's first LED Prize " awards ceremony at the Beijing Exhibition Center came to an end , many leaders from industry associations attended and active speech award from the National regions and cities more than 100 LED industry enterprises to participate in the event.
           The selection of " fair , just and open " principle, all of the major awards were announced, the industry brilliant stars . HC SemiTek With flip chip LED products successfully won the " China 's first LED Award" Award of Excellence .
            LED flip chip , in essence, on the basis of the traditional process , the light-emitting region and the electrode area of the chip is not designed to be in the same plane electrode surface toward the bottom of the cup be mounted lights , this process can save wire . LED flip chip for its low voltage, high efficiency, high stability and gradually be applied to most domestic lighting manufacturers street lighting , specialty lighting .
            HC SemiTek as one of the domestic LED chip manufacturers in the research and development of white LED has accumulated considerable experience and forms the basis of intellectual property rights on the flip LED technology for doing intensive research , rising epitaxy and chip technology, flip-chip 45mil current product test brightness @ 1A, 100lm / W, reached the leading domestic level . HC SemiTek professional R & D team is committed to flip- chip LED research and development, has been successfully developed, will eventually flip- chip LED products industry .

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