HC SemiTek Shares LED Lighting Chip Technical Research and Prospects

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April 25, the 2nd LED New Technology Summit Forum- LED New Technology Progress Report was successfully held in Shenzhen. The summit forum had the topic: “Revolution and Innovation: LED Technology Evolutionary Trends”, led to discussing in-depth about LED technology trends, application prospects, solutions and other issues with attendees, presenting the business layout, strategic analysis, new technology and industrial trends from the points of view from the government, corporations, schools and research institutes, providing a platform for communication and a showroom for advanced LED technology and the latest products.

Dr. Wang Jiangbo of HC SemiTek was invited as special guest and shared technical research results and future prospects on HC SemiTek LED lighting chips with other attendees.

Dr. Wang, started with an analysis of global and domestic LED market trends and pointed out that the lighting market is experiencing a surge at present while the general domestic market trend is consistent with the global market, and The domestic industry transfer is being taken over by the light industry at such a rapid speed that since 2012, the lighting market has turned into the main force of the LED market, and domestic market chip demand has been increasing substantially. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang analyzed the present status of the LED chip industry. He thought the market concentration of the LED chip is relatively low in the domestic market, and a large proportion of products are made by small business at present. Nevertheless, with an intense combination of capital and technology, the LED chip industry will become more mature as market shares become centralized in enterprises with advantages in capital and technology. HC SemiTek is the forerunner of the domestic LED chip industry with world-leading epitaxial materials and technology and, its R&D department never stops experimenting or researching on realizing higher efficient LED chips by upgrading epitaxial internal quantum efficiency, chip extraction efficiency and decreasing chip voltage, achieving better large-current performance and high-temperature properties, promoting phosphor conversion efficiency and integrated light extraction efficiency, realizing better heat management of devices, etc.

In addition, Dr. Wang shared the HC SemiTek R&D’s achievement of InGaN-based LED chip technology, including how to reduce or remove the droop effect and how to improve extraction efficiency as well as green LED chips, and measures for decreasing cost and improving chip efficiency.

In the end, Dr. Wang introduced two products: a high-voltage chip and flip-chip which represent the HC SemiTek achievement in systematic solutions for chips. High-voltage chips have a high reliability with a compact design and an evenly distributed current whose luminous efficiency of integrated elements is enhanced and was honored as the best solution for saving costs on LED lighting systems. Flip-chips boast low-thermal resistance, better light extraction and being free of gold wire and was praised as the best solution for the super-current drive among lighting and back-light market products.

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