HC SemiTek Corporation Winning the Top Ten Lighting Innovative Brand Award for 2014 Chosen by Designers

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On Dec.13th, the Third Awards Ceremony of Brands Chose by Designers and Users ended in Beijing. For half a year, the awards have been published. HC SemiTek Corporation won the Top Ten Lighting Innovative Brand Award of the 2014 Chosen by Designers and President Dr. Liu Rong won the Top Ten Leaders in the Lighting Industry Award of 2014 Chosen by Designers.

The current selecting event of the Brand Chosen by Designers and Users was a big test for the brands, and also a smokeless competition. During this selecting event, the professional team of judges followed the principal of “being open, fair and just” The final awarding of prizes was determined fairly and impartially based on promoting early registration, user and designer ballots, expert media reviews, awards ceremony and an announcement of the winners. Among the voting, HC SemiTek Corporation received general consent from the judging team and received the Top Ten Lighting Innovative BrandsAward by virtue of production innovation and a good reputation with their clients. In addition, President Dr. Liu Rong also won the Top Ten Leaders in the Lighting Industry Award of 2014 Chosen by Designers.

In the 21st century, branding has become a key element for the development of a business, which is not unfamiliar for China’s enterprises. Larry Leight, the chairman of the American Brand Value Association, said: it is more important to own a market than to own an industry and the only way to have a market is to have a dominant brand. The value that branding brings cannot be underestimated and today's brand culture not only means a product or service, but trust and loyalty at a deeper level. HC SemiTek Corporation is devoted to researching and developing, producing and marketing the full color LED epitaxial wafer and chip. Good quality products and service have received good feedback from clients and in future developments, HC SemiTek Corporation as the high-quality LED chip manufacturer, will constantly innovate to satisfy the demands of the market and stick to the power of its brand and improve its value.

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