HC SemiTek: Making Chips Catering to the Demand of Terminal Market

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The annual meeting of Gaogong LED in 2014 was held on Dec.12-13 at Mission Hills, Shenzhen. During the meeting with the theme of Discussing and Getting the Grand Strategy of Industries, the vice-president of HC SemiTek Corporation Bian Difei gave a speech titled as Making Chip Fitting in with the Trend of Changes in Demand of Terminal Market, which emphasized that the concept of being based on the demands of market and customers to constantly innovate requires to be formed by chip manufacturers as soon as possible.

At the meeting, Vice-president Bian expressed that since the first half of this year, the amount of demanded products for the downstream application market started getting momentum and the performance of LED chip in China was gradually improved and the demands of midstream packaging companies for chips made in China was also increasing. “The capacity utilization rate which was constant low in the recent two years was nearly reaching saturation, but still cannot satisfy the demand.It is because of these conditions that chip enterprises have a spring for developing.

“We only do what we are best at and the epitaxial chip is our advantage.” Vice-president Bian also pointed that the six respects such as high utilization ratio of illuminant, low cost and sense of design were the future developing trend of LED application. The downstream cannot be developed without the support of the upstream.As the most technical parts of the LED industry chain, chips should fit in with the trend of changes in demand of terminal market, which is the key of development.

During the corresponding period, HC SemiTek Corporation participated the Gaogong “Golden Global Award” by virtue of the “Yi” series of high voltage chip and got the award nomination.

HC SemiTek Corporation is absorbed in the “chip” world, and will constantly innovate to satisfy the demands of market and customers.


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