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  Implement a proactive policy of profit distribution companies, the importance of appropriate investment returns for investors . Companies can take cash, stock or a combination of cash and stock allocation of profits , profit distribution shall not exceed the scope of accumulated distributable profits , without prejudice to the continued viability of the company . Board of Supervisors and the general meeting of the profit distribution policy decision-making and reasoning processes that should be fully considered independent directors and external supervisors and public investor opinions.

In that year the company profitable and to meet the normal production and operation capital requirements , the company should take a cash distribution of dividends , profits distributed in cash of not less than 20% of the year to achieve distributable profits. Meet the normal production and operation capital requirements is the company last year , net cash flow from operating activities audited and the ratio of net profit of not less than 20%.
In the case of the company that year half-year net profit rose more than 30 %, and operating activities Net cash flow and net profit ratio of not less than 20% , the company may conduct an interim cash dividend .
Under the premise of ensuring full cash dividend when the company accumulated undistributed profits of more than 30% of the share capital of the scale , the company may issue stock dividends.
Company's profit distribution plan proposed by the Board and by the general meeting to consider the implementation . Profit Distribution Plan shall be retained undistributed profits using the program instructions ; stock dividend should also be on the issuance of stock dividends rationality , feasibility explained. After the general meeting a resolution on profit distribution plan , the Board shall complete the dividend ( or share ) for the payment of matters within the shareholders' meeting two months.
The Board did not submit the profit distribution plan in accordance with established policy of profit distribution to the shareholders' meeting , it shall explain the reasons for the specific use of funds and retained in the periodic report, the independent directors shall express an independent opinion.
Companies should be based on their actual situation , combined with the shareholders ( in particular public investors ) , the views of independent directors and external supervisors to develop or adjust the dividend return of planning and programs. But the company should ensure that current and future planning and bonus rewards program shall not violate the following principles : that year in the company profit and satisfy the normal production and operation capital requirements , the company should take a cash distribution of dividends , profits distributed in cash a lot in the year to achieve 20% of distributable profits .


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